Jackass Forever

I considered not reviewing this, since doing so is a confession that I saw the movie. Also, I am not easily offended or grossed out. As disgusting as I find the Jackass franchise, this movie just left me shaking my head and looking at my watch.

But here we go with a brief summary of this appalling waste of time and money, a nightmarish series of vignettes populated primarily by penises, scrotums, vomit and electric shocks.


This particular brand of physical comedy, if you can call it that, certainly has a loyal following. It’s just sad the world has gotten to a place where this is offered up as entertainment. But wait, how is this surprising given that this is the same culture that lofted a crude grifter to a position where he can actually ruin everything?


The stars of Jackass all play themselves, under the sadomasochistic tutelage of Johnny Knoxville, a guy who early on must have realized that people were actually watching America’s Funniest Home Videos for the clips where things go wrong and people get hurt. He no doubt was a fan of ABC’s Wild World of Sports not for “The thrill of victory,” but for “The agony of defeat.”


Regarding the film itself - it is poorly written, filmed and edited. There is no acting, just a bunch of morons so hungry for fame they’d do almost anything to achieve it. Sadly, they sort of succeeded. And fans will like it.


So if you like farts and feces, pig semen, violence, graphic male nudity and slapstick taken to an entirely horrific level, then this film’s for you. But don’t for a second think that this is something to aspire to. This is what losers look like.


Ironically, parents in Texas are banning books they find offensive for honest portrayal of LGBTQ relationships. Do they know what’s being shown at the local theater?



Jackass Forever runs 1 hour, 36 minutes and is rated R. 


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