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Vic’s Flix Movie Review: Long Shot

I’ve never been a fan of Seth Rogan, but I seem to like his films. His first major role in  Knocked Up  was as the stoner “Ben” who against all odds manages a one-night stand with the beautiful Katherine Heigl. While her career seems to have slowed, Rogan’s has somewhat surprisingly taken off with tons of voice work and a steady stream of TV and film appearances.  Knocked Up  is a Judd Apatow film, which, like  Superbad  and  Bridesmaids  is loaded to the rafters with vulgarity, profanity and crude humor. You know, kind of the norm anymore, and Rogan is perfectly suited for this genre. His writing for  Sausage Party  is straight out of this playbook. Not to mess with success, Rogan has replicated Apatow’s formula and managed to costar on this outing with Charlize Theron in another unlikely pairing. This time he and Theron share Producer credits with about ten others and one wonders if Charlize is demonstrating yet another layer to her acting portfolio, or was just paid tons of buc

Vic’s Flix Movie Review: Avengers: Endgame

Thor is fat. That much must be stated before I begin a review of what may become the top grossing film of all time. I say again, Thor is fat. I am not one of those people who must see a new release the moment it is available. The downside is that I risk hearing spoilers, having my expectations unrealistically raised, or in the case of  Avengers: Endgame , heading to the theater with the foreknowledge that you’re about to see the most successful box office opening of all time. Its receipts have already topped  Titanic , and are second only to  Avatar  (in a quarter of the time). Oh, and you’re about to spend three hours in a moderately uncomfortable chair. It’s a shame Stan Lee is no longer with us to enjoy the success of this final chapter in the Avengers story line. And it’s amazing that his creations, teaming with illustrator Jack Kirby, date back to the late 50s and early 60s. The depth of the Lee/Kirby partnership was evident in the creation of the Avengers title in 1963. Th

Vic’s Flix Movie Review: The Best of Enemies

I’m not sure how long it took for me to wonder, “Where have I seen this before?” Then it occurred to me – it was the recently viewed movie  BlacKkKlansman . Here we have another story based on true events about racism in America that took place several decades ago. Both films end with video clips of the actual people represented in the film. And that’s the point at which you sit back in your seat and realize that people in real life can be actually genuinely awful – and sometimes capable of great personal growth. If by now we don’t realize that we are tribal creatures, fearful of what we don’t understand, and hateful toward what we fear, then this movie is evidence that there can be hope in the least likely of times and places. It seems like every time we go to the theater lately there are one or more films starring Sam Rockwell and/or Taraji P. Henson. They both have that familiar yet malleable presence on screen that augments their versatility and popularity. Rockwell is comin