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Vic's Flix Movie Review: A Star is Born

We used our MoviePass to view “A Star Is Born” this week. We saw the 8pm showing. My wife has been unwilling to go to “late” shows now that we’re retired. So,  Avengers ,  Deadpool , and  The House with a Clock in its Wall s were all viewed during afternoons. But there was something about this film that drew her like a salivating moth to a flame, no matter the time, date or location. Hmmm, what could that be? I’m fully aware of the reason, and let me say, Bradley Cooper is one good-looking dude. If I’m ever in need of a face transplant and his is available, sign me up. Honey, put down that pot of boiling water, Brad’s face is not available. My opinions of this film are decidedly different than my wife’s, or those of all the giggling women in the theater yesterday. One of the first things I noticed was the relatively higher pitch of the twittering laughter throughout the theater when funny moments occurred. I was able to hear them clearly, because I wasn’t laughing. They were sce